About Enlightoons


Enlightoons came out of an inspiration to bring humor and light into others’ lives. While enjoying cartoon blogs in 2003, Artist and Writer Stu Rosen said to himself, “I can do that”… then heard a very loud voice in his head asking, “So why don’t you?”

The cartoons were very small, and known simply as “GuruStu” from 2003 until Aug 2009, when they were renamed “Enlightoons” and took on the larger format you see here.

These ‘toons are often based on real conversations, so be careful what you say 🙂

About Stu Rosen

While other kids were getting up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, little “Stuie” was busy drawing them.

Art has always been a major part of his life (his full name is StuART after all). He went on to earn a degree in Commercial Art and went on to become a professional cartoonist for Broadway Magazine in New York City.

He came to Hollywood to pursue his acting and motivational speaking career and became known as “GuruStu”

His cartoon series by the same name is currently syndicated on the web and across the country in numerous magazines.

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